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Slingo Rainbow Riches

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Slingo Rainbow Riches Online Slot Review

Slingo Originals have returned to put their own unique spin on a classic title. The Slingo Rainbow Riches slot combines bingo and slot play, giving players the chance to use strategy and skill to line up the best wins. With a variety of bonus features on offer, it’s possible to collect up to a maximum of x1000. 

Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Eng - galaspins

Bingo and slots are both hugely popular with online players, and Slingo brings the two together in a fun mash-up. With more control than traditional slots while combining the number-matching from bingo, Slingo offers players the best of both worlds - and a little more. 

The board for Slingo games is virtually the same every time, just with a different theme to add interest. This means you'll be playing on a 5x5 grid with 12 paylines, although you'll quickly spot that in this game, they're known as Slingos. You can still choose how much to bet on each game, starting from 0.50 and increasing up to a maximum of 200.00. Volatility is medium, so it's possible to land wins, but it's much harder to land the really big possible payouts. 

Feature Symbols

Slingo Rainbow Riches Symbols Eng - galaspins

The visuals are more akin to later Rainbow Riches slots than the original, which was pretty basic. With rolling green countryside, a charming pathway, wild flowers, and toadstools, it's a charming picture of an Irish idyll. 

To play Slingo Rainbow Riches, you'll have 10 "spin", which gives you a row of numbers each time. These are displayed below the main board and will be automatically checked to see if there are any matches. If any of the numbers on your board match the numbers picked, they'll be checked off. This is how you complete a "Slingo" and ultimately win bonus play and prizes. 

One thing you need to beware of is how quickly the cost can rack up. Once you've had your ten spins, the game will finish, but in most cases, you'll be offered the chance to play on. The cost for extra spins varies depending on how close you are to winning. It's very easy to keep buying extra spins until you win, so do keep an eye on the total cost of the stake!

Bonuses and Jackpots

Just like in regular slots games, there are extra symbols and bonus features included. 

The joker is the wild and comes in two forms; one type gives you a free pick on a specified reel, the other lets you check off any symbol on the whole board.

A devil may also appear; he’s a blocker and reduces the amount of numbers you’ll receive on each round. 

On the left of the reels is the paytable; you'll need to complete five Slingos to start racking up prizes. Once you reach five Slingos, there's a different bonus game per rung on the prize ladder. Each consecutive bonus game is worth potentially more than the last - something to bear in mind when you're trying to decide whether to play on. 

Play Slingo Rainbow Riches at Gala Spins

The Slingo Rainbow Riches slot from Slingo Originals is a great combination of slots and bingo, putting you in control of the gameplay. 

Can I play Slingo Rainbow Riches at Gala Spins?

Yes. Slingo Rainbow Riches is available to play online at Gala Spins.

Who makes the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot?

Slingo Rainbow Riches was created by Slingo Originals.

How do I get to the bonus round?

Complete five Slingos or more and you'll automatically trigger the corresponding bonus round and receive a prize.