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Welcome to the Flash Pot-dropping, Questing, Mission Possible-smashing world of Gala Spins! What better way to start putting your spin on it than with Slingo — the fan favourite is a mixture of a 75-ball bingo game and a traditional slot machine. It went from being quietly released on AOL by a New Jersey businessman in the mid-90s to becoming a fan-favourite of today, thanks to its pick-up-and-play mechanics and tons of variations that appeal to online bingo fans and slot spinners alike!


Ever crossed off numbers on a bingo card or spun a slot? You’re already halfway there! For most Slingo games (excluding a few specific variations), the aim of the game is to spin the slot reels to see if any numbers you get match ones on your bingo card. If you manage to match five in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, that’s a Slingo! The more you complete, the higher up the paytable you will go. Plus, some symbols can help or hinder you at any time.


In almost all Slingo games, there are four main symbols you need to know. The first is the Joker, which is the ‘Wild’ and can be used to tick off any number in the same grid column it appears in. Second is the Super Joker, which takes it one step further by letting you tick off any number anywhere on the grid. Next, is the Coin symbol, which pockets you an instant cash prize if you get one, and finally is the Devil (boo!) who can block potential Slingo matches.


One aspect that’s made Slingo so popular is its loads of spin-offs! The core gameplay is still at the heart of every version, but some are based on beloved UK TV shows, like Deal or No Deal Slingo, where you can go up against the banker. There’s Slingo Rainbow Riches starring the ever-present, always smiling Lucky O’Leary who’s become a fan favourite to the Slingo series. Or if you prefer your games to be more of the Asian persuasion, then there’s Slingo Xing Yun Xian and Slingo Fortunes.


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With all that being said, we’re not a one-trick Slingo pony! Although we’re pretty kitted out with the latest Slingo games, they’re not the only string to our bow. We’ve also carefully curated top-tier online slots and other games, like Starburst slot and Big Banker, making us one of the top online slots sites around! We’ve got tons of games that’ll spin, cascade, stack, scratch — all sorts! All this means you’re never more than a few taps away from a top title when you spin at Gala Spins!


If you’ve made it this far, then you’re in for a treat because there’s something we’ve been waiting to say about Slingo games… There’s a final fifth symbol you can get; it’s the Free Spins symbol which can give you a free whirl for new numbers! And speaking of free, now and then, we have free Slingo promotions which are well worth it if you know where to look. Keep an eye on our latest Casino promotions to see if you’re ever in luck…


Slingo’s always looking for new ways to come up with different variations! There’s the aforementioned inspo it takes from British TV like Slingo X Factor, but there’s also the inspo from British boardgames like SIingo Monopoly. Plus, Slingo has been delving into the past to help shape its future with the likes of Slingo Centurion. Speaking of history, Slingo delved back into its own past and remade the original game that helped kick start the craze in the form of Slingo Classic.


Due to the rise and rise of Slingo, certain variations have stuck in the memory of players more than others. Step forward Slingo Rainbow Riches. This evergreen game is the colourful spin-off of Rainbow Riches, which is arguably the most famous online slot around. It seems that popularity has made its way over to the world of Slingo! If the Slingo landscape looks a bit daunting, our top tip would be this one a go if you’re just starting.