Mega Ball

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Suppose you’re tired of playing the same old content at online casinos. Well, we have some excellent news for you. Today, we will tell you about a game that very much breaks the mold. Yes, you may have been playing the same type of content for a while, but Mega Ball is about to change all of that.

If you asked us to describe what Mega Ball is, it’s a combination of a few different elements from the gambling world. Sometimes, software developers have these ideas, but they don’t work out. But, Mega Ball is a sort of lottery and bingo experience, which morph into some fast-paced gaming fun.

And, you could say the best thing about Mega Ball is that it is incredibly straightforward to play, which means it’s a game that everyone is going to enjoy. All you’re doing is buying your tickets, akin to a lottery and bingo, and hoping to see your numbers drop from the machine.

We have to mention who the creator of Mega Ball is because when you know, you will be even more excited. It is, of course, the legendary Evolution Gaming. Now, Evolution over the years have set the bar where live casino content is concerned, and we're yet to see them do a lousy job.

And, what you also get with Evolution, along with the creation of iconic games, is the set and how live content is presented. In Mega Ball’s case, there is no expense spared. We’re talking state-of-the-art across the board.

The set is fantastic, and the presenting team aren’t just friendly and comfortable interacting. They know their stuff, too. So, Mega Ball isn’t just a fresh and unique gaming experience, it’s also one that measures up against the best around, and there is a lot to be said for that.

How To Play Mega Ball

It’s a case of if you haven’t got a ticket, you’re not coming in. So the first task on the agenda is to purchase some tickets before the betting window closes. Every ticket has a total of twenty-four numbers on it. And, the maximum purchase is two hundred, which will give an excellent chance of winning, but at more expense.

When the betting is done, it’s over to the game itself. The machine, akin to the National Lottery, will be producing numbered balls at random. If the number corresponds with one on your ticket, then you’re a step closer to bagging a prize. You’re looking to pick up line wins that are horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Mega Ball Bonus Mode

When the machine has pumped out twenty balls, which doesn’t take long, if truth be told, the bonus mode will come alive. It’s at this point that a multiplier ranging between 5x and 100x will come into play, applying itself to the twenty-first ball to make it out of the machine. If the numbered ball that appears happens to be needed to form a line win for a punter, the multiplier will be applied to the payout.

Mega Ball Payouts

You’re playing the game in the hope of putting together winning lines. One line is going to give punters a return of 1:1, so double their money. But, really, it’s the Mega Ball that everyone is hoping to get involved with a line win because the multiplier can make a massive difference. The Mega Ball can result in a mega win. Evolution Gaming have had to apply a win cap of $500,000 as a result, which tells you that this game is a serious payer.

Play Mega Ball at Gala Spins

It’s not often you will come across a completely unique style of casino game, but Mega Ball is precisely that. Evolution Gaming, in typical fashion, bring to the table a piece of content that breaks the mould while merging different elements together successfully. It’s lottery, it’s bingo, it’s innovation, and it’s a whole lot of fun. And, if you happen to be lucky enough to land the Mega Ball, it could be life-changing, too.