What would you give up for £1 million?

Let’s be honest, if we offered you £1,000,000 right here, you’d take it. But what about if you could trade something in, in return for the money?

We asked Brits the hardest game of Would You Rather, to find out what we’d give up in exchange for money… And the things that we consider truly priceless. Love, friendships and the internet(!) topped the list of things we deem more worth having than money, while food, travel and sports are all on the list of things we’d cash in for.

Things Brits would trade in for £1,000,000:

Wearing makeup (72%)

Watching or listening to their favourite sport (69%)

Their favourite food (68%)

Travelling abroad (62%)

Playing with pet dogs or cats (57%)

The top five things Brits wouldn’t trade in for £1,000,000:

Finding true love (60%)

Ever seeing or speaking to their best friend (60%)

The internet (51%)

Naps (50%)

Listening to music (44%)

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